Wow Amazing, Indian woman stole the 5000 luxury cars

Woow Amazing, Indian woman stole the 5000 luxury cars
Indian origin woman is really good at stealing cars. His car was not an ordinary car, but luxury cars. The action was not terendus cop for 10 years.

As reported by Financial Express, Nirmala Devi (31) citizens of Gurgaon, India, was arrested by Indian police in Delhi's North-East a few days ago.

Devi apparently not alone in doing the action, he is assisted by 6 suadaranya include Bhoop Singh and Vipin. All brother Devin was arrested by police unless Vipin.

According to police, Devi did theft because her husband is an alcoholic population of Gurgaon, Delhi, India can not meet family living. Devi's husband lazy to work.

Mode by a woman and his gang are stealing luxury cars in Delhi and then asked his agent to prepare false documents for the vehicle. Furthermore, the document is sent to Devi by post or courier.

"They change the number of cars in accordance with fake documents. The cars will be delivered by road or rail into the agents car dealers in Guwahati and Eastern states of India. The money from the sale will be transferred to Devin after the commission cut fences," said a policeman.


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