Anang said "love" to Ashanty

Anang said "love" to Ashanty
Ashanty admitted shock when Anang Hermansyah declare his love in the event Dahsyat. He had thought that it was only a gimmick (the game) only.

"What do Anang in Dahsyat is really spontaneous. I'm just really shocked, because it is our purpose here singing, and hold all of a sudden there is gimmick like that, "Ashanty said after appearing on Dahsyat, Tuesday (04/26/2011).

Anang said, that what he did not gimmick but a serious action. "Seriously, very seriously. I mean it really, "said Anang

After shooting Ashanty, Anand seemed sumringah. While Ashanty could not hide the surprised look on his face as it gets a surprise that he never imagined it


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