Azizi, Aura Kasih's new boyfriend?

Azizi, Aura Kasih's new boyfriend
There were different from Aura Kasih while watching the concert Bruno Mars. Let Me Love You 'singer was seen along the road both vocalist Blackout, Azizi.

"We deliberately make a pact to come here. That was quite a long time coming, because the road is very solid," said Azizi at Istora Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (04/05/2011) night.

In addition to still look shy, Aura denied any special relationship with the singer of the Beautiful People risk. Because for the singer, his friends are mostly young band.

"We have long friends. Approximately three bulanlah. Ketemunya at music events as well. Moreover, my friends are all musicians. So baseball is more than music anyway," he explained.

Although denied, Aura admitted comfortable if you are near Azizi. Moreover, Aura also praised the figure Azizi is judged to have good sound.

"It's his voice he was good too. Well that's all. I do feel more appropriate if friends with fellow musicians.'ll exchange thoughts about music," he explained.

When present at the concert Bruno Mars, Aura looks the way together with vocalist Blackout, Azizi. However, when confirmed, the Aura has denied that Azizi was her lover.


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