Video incident, the President of Czech steal a ballpoint pen

Video incident, the president of czech steal a ballpoint pen
Czech Television was first broadcast the incident last weekend in the show 168 Hours. An excerpt of the news that later posted on YouTube and now has been viewed nearly 2 million times. Coupled with a copy of the video, blogger for The New York Times even wrote the video was watched 5 million times!

The incident occurred when Klaus was a state visit to Chile. After signing a cooperation agreement between the two countries, President of Chile speech Sebastian Pinera. At that moment Klaus looked cool pen that had just used, then slowly put it into his pants pocket.

Occasionally he smiled as the reaction to the speech Pereira, and he was buttoning his coat as if nothing happened at all. It was an embarrassing scene but also to invite laughter. For details, please click here.

In Czech, it is clear that the incident makes the people his chest. But spokesman Klaus, Radim Ochvat, defensively. He called the pen can be taken by the guest country. He calls the pen is, "Pena bearing the symbol of the country or offices, which the presidents and members of the delegation get it during the visits of state." Thus was launched the Czech media,, Wednesday (13/04/2011).

Fortunately also, the Chilean government to save face Klaus. Presidential Spokesman said Pinera, president guests are free to take a pen that is used for signatures.

This is not the first time President Klaus faced with expensive pens. When sworn in as president in a second term in 2008, Klaus received offering 18 carat gold-plated pen for around 60 thousand dollars.

The pen was specially created for Klaus by Kohinoor pen maker, which once supplied pen to the royal palace in Vienna during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The company says, it decided to make a pen pen presidency after the incident during the first inauguration Klaus previous 5 years.

At that time, in 2003, Klaus pen used to sign a jam, so he took his own pen from the pocket


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