Wedding arrangement Prince William and Kate Middleton

This arrangement william wedding prince and Kate Middleton
The composition of the event or wedding rundown of British Prince William and Kate Middleton have been circulating in the media. Like what?

The schedule was first disclosed by Good Morning America that exposed wet nurse in a wedding ceremony to be held next 29 April it. In the morning, the office of the British Queen Elizabeth II will announce the title of happy couples who would use it.

The guests will arrive at the church of Westminster Abbey, where William's parents married, at 08.30 local time. Guest important (VIP) will arrive at 10.00 and 40 minutes later, the royal family will arrive. Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip, will arrive last.

At 11.00, Kate Middleton and five bridesmaids will enter the church. There will be a press release about the clothing designer information, sketches and some photographs. Ceremony will include wedding vows, a Mass and blessing of the queen.

At 12:15, the wedding reception will be held by the queen at Buckingham Palace. Then at 19:00, William's father Prince Charles who will hold a private reception with 300 guests.

Although not open to the public, people usually gather in the streets to witness the wedding convoy passed. Parents William, Prince Charles and the late Lady Diana Spencer married in Westminster Abbey in 1981 ago.


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