Eight women victims of Strauss Khan


Eight women victims of Strauss khan
As one of the important financial figures, Strauss-Kahn were known to use his power to get women. Not only journalists, politicians, actresses, or servants. This is the eighth victim were detected:

Tristane Banon, 31, journalist

Strauss-Kahn allegedly called Banon to an apartment in Paris for interviews in 2002 and requested permission to hold hands Banon before pouncing on her.

Strauss-Kahn and had to unbutton her jeans, before finally screaming and kicking Banon. Thus narrative Banon.

Piroska Nagy, 50, the IMF staff

The Hungarian-born blonde Strauss-Kahn met in Washington in 2007. Nagy said kesenioritasan Strauss-Kahn made her feel depressed and have consensual affair. An investigation clear the name of Strauss-Kahn of abuse of power, but he admits a 'mistake' assessment.

Aurlie Filippetti, 37, Socialist politician

Politicians and prominent novelist describes the efforts that are very heavy, very urgent by Strauss-Kahn to chat in 2008. Filippetti has denied that Strauss-Kahn felt it, but he said he would forever be sure, is never alone in the room again.

Yasmina Reza, 51, Players drama

Player of the most famous French romantic drama has been linked to Strauss-Kahn who is also a competitor Nicolas Sarkozy, after he wrote an intimate writing about the presidential campaign of 2007. This book is dedicated to the 'G', a socialist who is expected to become head of the IMF. Strauss-Kahn's middle name is Gaston.

Carmen Llera, 58, writer

Spanish writer is a member of the academic in the circle Strauss-Kahn. In two books, he suggests the possibility of an affair with him.

Young actress, age unknown

The unnamed actress was invited to a Paris apartment with Strauss-Kahn, where he allegedly acted like a gorilla or a 'monkey randy'. Allegations of the attack on Tristane Banon also gave him the label 'rutting chimpanzees'.

European journalist, age unknown

Reporters 'tall and slender', using the name of Martina, said Strauss-Kahn called him repeatedly and insisted, I had to sleep with him for an interview. But Martina did not give up. But two years later, when Strauss-Kahn to continue his efforts, Martina is pregnant.

Mexican waiter, age unknown

According to a book published by members of Strauss-Kahn, he had an affair with a maid in Mexico. If true, the latest episode was he faced with the allegations in New York.

When coupled with alleged cases of Strauss-Kahn made against a servant Sofitel Hotel in New York last weekend, then the total number of victims is 9 people.

Strauss-Kahn did admit that he is a lover of women. This was revealed in one interview with Liberation, two weeks ago. "Yes, I love women .. So what?

To satisfy his lust, this 62-year-old man also was time to take advantage of Wicked Models, the largest call girl service in New York. It is recognized Kristin Davis (35), said that Strauss-Kahn had used his service twice in 2005. At that time, Strauss-Kahn still has not served as director of the IMF.

According to the girl Davis, Strauss-Kahn is the kind of guy that rude and aggressive. "The girls I said he was too pushy, like gripping and insistent. But with rates above the U.S. $ 1,000 per hour, we expect the client to act like a gentleman, not like animals, "he continued.


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