Incident, President Obama's bulletproof Cadillac stuck in Dublin | photo

President Obama's bulletproof Cadillac stuck in the gate mound U.S. Embassy in Dublin. Bulletproof car of President Obama, who is known by the nickname The Beast or wild beasts, when caught out of the United States Embassy in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

Motorcade was out one by one while on the other side of the gate of hundreds of people complaining about the ngelukan President Obama.

Suddenly, he heard a loud noise when the car carrying President Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama, was going through the gate.

Apparently the bottom of a black Cadillac limousine which was bulletproof caught a bump in the gate.

The security guard looked busy, and Obama in the back door opened.

But a bus filled with black required to move forward to close the view of the crowd, including the cameraman, so it does not know which end is used cars Obama and his wife.


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