Best Romantic place in the world

You are happy picnic, and adventure? Well, here are a row of romantic places in the world could be a reference while on vacation with your partner. very beautiful and romantic.

Napa Valley, California

Every year more than four million people visit the Napa Valley in California. Not just romantic because it has a lot of vine, but in this place there is also a world-class wine factory.

Big Sir, California

Although the situation looks more rugged beaches, but beaches in Big Sur, California offers a dramatic and romantic scenery. One of them is in the picture is Pfeiffer Beach in central California.

Paris, France

You know the world's most romantic locations in the City of Paris, the Eiffel Tower. Many people express love in here or just share a heady sensation in the light tower.

Venice, Italy

To express my love, you can do on the River Venice, Italy. Every year hundreds of locals and foreign tourists who spend much time on the boat gondola. This is a popular tourist destination since the 14th century.

Prague, Czech Republic

You need to know that the charm of Prague colored carved decoration and a few lights along the Charles Bridge, or more precisely on the River Vltava. Many people walk in this place with a lover.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora-Bora is a former French island near Tahiti. This beach is often used as a paradise for couples who want to honeymoon. (Romantic heaven on earth).

Not just a beach attraction Bora-Bora, behind the resort beach there is also a beautiful panorama of a mountain called Mount Otemanu.


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