Video "Pemancungan Ruyati" is not Ruyati !

About Ruyati Video
Iranian television, broadcast video TKI PressTV Ruyati beheaded. In the 1:03 minute video duration was described death row executions. It turns out the video beheading video of Arabs carried out in 2010 ago. Ruyati family party later denied. The family believes based on the physical characteristics of the mother with death row inmate's body is different.

"His clothes were also not have a mother. If that was my mother, I definitely recognized him immediately," said Evi Kurniati, Ruyati first child, after seeing in the cafe.

Video "Pemancungan Ruyati" was not Ruyati

Video Ruyati beheaded after the investigation was not video execution Ruyati. The video was previously uploaded on July 23, 2010 are video uploads of Press TV on June 23, 2011.


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