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Photo Chantall Della Concetta latest (terbaru) has been released. presenter has just celebrated its 31st Anniversary 27 July 2011. in this photo she showed tattoo in her body.
Many things to say about former Metro TV presenter and this RCTI. And as her birthday present this time, presents 10 Interesting Facts of a Chantal Della Concetta.

1. Chantal's name was a combination of some special meaning in the world. Chantal from French that means singing, Della from the Latin word for good-hearted, and Concetta which means pure in Italian.

2. From birth through adolescence, Chantal spent more time in Bandung. she was fairly intelligent and successfully graduated with a GPA of 3.1 in 2003 from the Department of International Relations at the University of Parahyangan force 1998.

3. In her family, not just a waterfall in the world Chantal presenter. Her sister, Prudence Marischka also follow in the footsteps Chantal became a reporter on Metro TV. Chantal own entrance to the Metro TV in 2001 and later moved to RCTI in 2007.

4. Chantal's favorite movie is THE COLOR PURPLE (1985), starring Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover, and Oprah Winfrey. Steven Spielberg made this movie teaches many things in life. As for the horror genre, Chantal was not really like.

5. Chantal's pretty natural. He pleaded not endure for long in the beauty salon. To go to a salon, it is usually used only for cutting hair. Chantal also feel as a person of interest, rather than beautiful.

6. Chantal told to keep the image most averse. she prefers to be himself an intellectual and sensuality combine in the person of the same. 'Treat people, the way you want to be treated', she said.

7. So far, Chantal had five tattoos on her body. Some tattoos were diverse, but dominated the names of those most precious to her. Call it love call her father Boen namely eye and right foot, which means calls Atje affection for her mother on the left. The others are in the right arm and left and in back. However, said Chantal, who in her left arm immediately removed because the results are less good.

8. In addition to reading hobby magazines, Chantal also loved to read comics. As for sports, yoga favorite. Now, if the music business, the old swing jazz is a genre that most loves.

9. The delay is one of the things that can not be tolerated from the couple's second child Budi Gunawan this Gandasasmita Kelvin and Shirley. 'd Better come too late to make it first rather than have a nervous.

10. Although many people say it's beautiful butterfly, Chantal made it the very thing she hates. Similarly with the caterpillars.

Well ... That few of the many things that can be drawn from a Chantal Della Concetta. From the figure, the former wife of Hans Blue and mother of Nathaniel Trevor Mazel Peach Blue and Blue is a smart and hot woman. Therefore, writter would like to say Happy Birthday Chantal


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