Johar Arifin Hussein as chairman of the PSSI ( Ketua PSSI )

Johar Arifin Hussein as chairman of the PSSI 2011-2015. He won over Agusman Effendi. He is very low profil. He was former national football player. Appropriate procedures for the election, Congress considered quorum if the number that comes at least 50 percent plus one vote owners.
At the Extraordinary Congress PSSI at Sunan Hotel Solo, Saturday (07.09.11), the number of attendees is 100 participants from 101 who list, so it is considered to meet the quorum.
Johar is a former Deputy Sports Minister of Youth Empowerment and Sports (Menegpora)
He also once ran for Chairman of the Central Sports Committee( KONI pusat).
johar Arifin Husein also been undertaking as Pengda PSSI chairman of North Sumatra.

Meanwhile, the general chairman for the election, a candidate declared elected by acclamation in the first round if you get the votes 2 / 3 or 67 percent of the quorum, or 67 votes from the present moment.

While the results of the first round, the candidate who received the highest support is Djohar Arifin with 53 votes, followed by a total of 39 votes Agusman Effendi, Japto Soerjosoemarno with four votes and Adhan Achsanul Qosasih Dambea and two votes respectively.

The rest, as many as seven other candidates are not getting value. Thus, appropriate procedures for the election, they are not getting the support and the candidate who received the lowest support, in this case the Adhan and Achsanul, otherwise do not qualify for the second round.

Coupled with the decline Japto after the first round, then in the second round remaining Hussein and Agusman Djohar Arifin Effendi.


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