The Most expensive (termahal) hotels in the world | photo

Most expensive hotels in the world
Do not be surprised if you see a super luxury hotel rates in the world.
As quoted from DirJournal, here are some of most expensive hotels in the world can 'accompany' during your holiday:

Ritz-Carlton Suite, Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Moscow

Suite at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel has large glass windows, almost around the entire room. When the curtains opened, you can see the beautiful scenery around the Kremlin, Red Square and St. Basil's cathedra. Suites of 250 m2 is equipped very spacious living room, library, dining room, den, grand piano and floor which also serves as a heater.

For additional facilities, the hotel cost Rp157 million / tonight will be presenting five times meal a day.

The Penthouse Suite, Hotel Martinez, Cannes

Martinez Hotel has a terraced penthouse suite of the biggest, most expensive and the only one in the Cote d'Azur, Cannes, France. Within this suite there is a jacuzzi, plasma TV, hundreds of DVDs, kitchen, open bar and private butler.

Very luxurious interior design, nuanced art deco with modern style furniture, silk curtains and teak floors. Terrace of 200 m2 penthouse suites can accommodate about 100 people. The hotel is set at Rp 195 million.

Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons Hotel, New York

The walls of these rooms with 9 suites decorated with pearls, also coated knitted fabrics of gold and platinum. This suite has a Zen Room, which you can enjoy the peaceful sound of water gurgling artificial waterfall.

Within these suites, guests can play the piano in the library or soak in the bath tub while enjoying views of Central Park. Here you can also enjoy a complete spa treatments are also sports in the gym with the help of personal fitness instructor. The hotel is set prices Rp293 million.

Imperial Suite, Park Hyatt Vendome, Paris

Imperial Suite has a ceiling is very high, dining room, kitchen, bar, spa with whirlpool bath tub, steam room and table massages.

Not only that, this suite also features high speed internet access, computer with flat screen monitors, multiline telephone and a separate work area for the convenience of room to work. The hotel is set at Rp 172 million.

Villa La Capula Suite, Westi Excelsior, Rome

Villa La Capula Suite has an area of ​​609 m2, excluding balconies and terrace area of ​​180 m2. Suite is indeed only have two bedrooms, but enough to accommodate five people. This suite features a Jacuzzi pool, as well as the nuances of Roman wall paintings and artistic luxury.

Downstairs, there is a private kitchen, dining room with antique glass chandeliers, library with wood-lined walls, as well as personal cabinet containing 150 bottles of wine to choose from. One of the facilities that make this amazing suite, is equipped with a private cinema Dolby sound quality. The hotel is set at Rp 246 million.


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