Julia Perez coloring her hair blonde (pirang) | photo

Julia Perez coloring her hair blonde (pirang) like Lady Gaga for her latest film. However, the boyfriend Gaston Castano did not like. Jupe, Julia Perez greeted familiar already pocketed the permission of Gaston Castano, boyfriend to change the appearance. But it turned out not guarantee Gaston likes. The proof, gaston's not like the new look.

"I do not understand. Yesterday I had not noticed when I dateng to where futsalnya. Gaston continue to not care about me. Instead, he said 'mending that you go back," said Jupe in the region Cawang, East Jakarta, Thursday (11 / 8)

Jupe stay relaxed. Although Gaston indifferent to him, he was mediocre. "Until now, sad really. But if an artist name ya got to do this for a career. I love the best," he said


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