Mozilla Firefox 6 released

Mozilla Firefox 6 was published earlier than its official release date of August 16. PCMag preach this browser can be downloaded and installed on Windows, Mac, and Linux. This version of the plan will begin to be published on August 16, but it was Mozilla released it early.

In terms of design and speed, Firefox 6 appear more vibrant. Another improvement is the support plugindan better privacy settings. Users can choose to open a tab in the browser or device group Panorama.

In addition, Forefox 6 lets users set password storage, cookies, pop-ups, images and other options, separately for each site is different. Through setting the add-ons, plug-in will be verified automatically, so the user immediately knows if the version they use is the latest.

Other changes appear on the display such as domain name in the address bar. Yangsekarangtampil smaller domain name, to be glimpsed only by the user.


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