Naughty photo, Gita Gutawa smoking and drinking alcoholic

Some time ago photos Gita Gutawa holding a cigarette with her boyfriend Derby Romero circulating on the internet. But the Gita has been denied.
Apparently denial is not convincing enough. Because again, photo-like girl was holding a hand-rolled tobacco Gita was circulated.

In one photo taken of, seen the girl with her friends were having a cigarette on the beach. Even in another photo, she looks cool like Gita is holding a cigarette on a public road.

Some photos also show similar Gita girl and her friends were in a bar. Not only cigarettes, two bottles of liquor are also terabadikan in one photograph.

Previously, Gita through its management, Deby has denied the virgin of 17 years is a smoker. According to him, Gita much of an impression as what is shown in the photo.


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