Nazarudin arrested (tertangkap) in Colombia

KPK said it would immediately check to the person allegedly identical to the M Nazaruddin arrested in Cartagena, Colombia. It is currently being checked for validity.

"There's good information is correct. As long us find her," said KPK M Jasin when contacted about the arrest of a man related to the identical Nazaruddin by Interpol Colombia, Jakarta, Monday (08/08/2011).

However, he said, the KPK will soon be checking. "We will immediately check the information related to Interpol," he said.

This is because it could face similar, but distinct identity. In addition to checks, the Commission, said he would also take immediate pick-up and legal efforts in the country, if properly man arrested is a suspect in the SEA Games athletes homestead development, Palembang, South Sumatra.


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