Profil, Dea Tunggaesti pretty and smart girl (Nazaruddin Lawyer) | photo

The lawyer (pengacara) who accompanied Nazaruddin is Dea Tunggaesti, beautiful and smart lawyer who now accompanies Nazaruddin facing legal cases of corruption that now befall him.

Dea Tunggaesti name suddenly burst to the surface because in addition to attorney Dea ​​Tunggaesti Nazaruddin, a pretty face also adds to the curiosity of the public who do not know his bio or profile. Dea Tunggaesti reportedly an assistant and a team of experts in the firm OC Kaligis

Dea Tunggaesti role in handling the case Nazaruddin one of them was confirmed to the public about the progress of cases Nazaruddin. Women who have two children are graduates of Bachelor of Laws and Master in Management and now works at OC Kaligis Firm.


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