Steve emmanuel and Tia Ivanka dating (pacaran)

Steve emmanuel and Tia Ivanka
Steve Emmanuel seems to have forgotten its relationship with Andi Soraya. Reportedly, Steve now in love with Tia Ivanka. Really? they looked affectionately holding hands.

The news circulated after Steve and Tia are often spotted hang out. For example, the couple was seen together watching a movie 'Fast Five' at Studio XXI, Pondok Indah Mall 2, Jakarta, Saturday (08/20/2011).

Based on the observation detikhot, Steve and Tia looks quite intimate. When the movie came out, Steve took the hand soap star 'Tuyul and Mbak Yul' it.

At that time, Steve looked casually dressed in shirt and jeans. Meanwhile, Tia was seen wearing a striped dress with black and white mixed with green tops.


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