Terrible Incidents Nick Heidfeld Renault car on fire | photo

Nick Heidfeld suffered horrific incident when appearing at the Hungarian GP ( Formula 1). Not because of collisions with high speed, but because he was nearly baked inside his own car.
Heidfeld Renault car mounts burst into flames shortly after he finished second pit stops. Renault team so far not been able to confirm the cause of the incident, although for a while allegedly because of overheating in gas discharge channel.

When realized there was fire in his car when out of the pits, Heidfeld could increase the speed of the jet its ground in the hope it could extinguish the fire. But the opposite is true because it looks more and more large fires.

Conditions that make Heidfeld pulled up and immediately decided to jump out. When trying to extinguish the fire marshal's race, the car sidepod flake pop and throw the car into the track.

"It was more horrible (compared to similar events in Barcelona). In Barcelona I look to the left, saw a small fire and have time to stop. This time, I look straight ahead, I saw fire and kepansan," said Heidfeld at the Autosports.

No injuries experienced by the German in the incident. And until now the Renault team are still investigating the incident to find the cause.

"I really feel the temperature. That's a little bit terrifying - much more (horrible) than in Barcelona."

"They (teams) are still investigating. We stopped in the pit for a long time, so it may be one reason, but apparently it's not because of pit stops that are too long - it's not because I was stuck for 20 seconds. We're still investigating," complete racer 34 that year.


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