Krisdayanti child's name Ariannha Amora Lemos

Krisdayanti child's name (nama) Ariannha Amora Lemos
Happy news coming from the partner Raul Lemos and Krisdayanti Both have been blessed with a baby ( bayi) girl weighing 2.95 kg. Named ARIANNHA AMORA LEMOS.

"Thank God our children already born with slmat and lancar. Girl with 2.95 kg weight. Thanks for all the prayers and dukungan.Raul-KD" wrote Raul in the received short message at 14:10 GMT, Monday (05/09/2011) .

Krisdayanti gave birth to a baby girl by caesarean section at the Hospital Mitra Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. Chanter 'Each Day' were undergoing labor at about 13:00 pm.

Preparation for the presence of the baby is recognized both already very mature. Raul and KD has also been preparing for the baby's name.

"Her girls, her name Ariannha Amora Lemos," said Raul.


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