Milana Anggraeni pregnant (istri Gayus Tambunan hamil)

Gayus Tambunan wife, Milana pregnant (hamil)
News of the wife's pregnancy Gayus Tambunan, Milana Anggraeni, also justified by security guard Gading Park View residential complex, housing the family's residence. Milana seen with abdominal bloating.

"Her stomach was huge, roughly pregnant about 5 to 6 months," said security officer who declined to be named in Housing Gading Park View, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, Wednesday (07/09/2011).

According to the officer, Milana last seen at the beginning of Ramadan and during a visit to her home in Ivory Park View.

"At that time he came with his parents by car type Avanza," he explained.

The officer continued, although a few came to his house, Milana not to stay at home who reportedly worth Rp 3 billion.

"Just came to check and also at this time there's a sticker affixed to his house arrest," the clerk said.

Milana was not reported to local officials where he currently resides with her children.

Reported previously, the wife of Gayus Tambunan, Milana Anggraeni rumored to be pregnant. Women who had worked in city government is being pregnant with twins.


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