World’s Heaviest Woman (wanita tergemuk di dunia) | photo

U.S Woman named Pauline Potter is according to the Guinness Book of Records the heaviest woman on the world, weight close to 700 pounds and this is her story.
Born in Sacramento, California 48 year-old Pauline Potter according to her her overweight is not just due to her obsessive eating habit but also to her genes, her father weighted over 600, her mother about 400 and 7 of her eight brothers and sisters weight approximately 300

Pauline is according to the 2012 Guinness record the heaviest woman, on February her weight was 643 but now she is 700 as you can imagine with that amount of weight she can’t do many things by herself, her 19 year-old son Dillon helps her is most of the things she does everyday and even thought she said she has no problem finding a lover who think of her as a sex goddess and has sex everyday she now want to loose weight, her dream is to loose 500 pounds so she can go to the theater and even go gambling with Dillon.

Pauline’s overweight trouble began when he was 8, by the time she was 29 and gave birth to Dillon her weight was 400.

About two weeks ago we heard about another two big ladies first was Donna Simpson weighting 532 then we have Susanne Eman who said her weight was 720, heavier than Mrs. Potter however Susanne hasn’t been in the Guinness book of World Record nor she hasn’t been weight by them.


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