Baby born to 7 billion in India

Baby born to 7 billion
today 31 October 2011 has been born babies to 7 billion. Countries around the world welcomed with joy by holding a party and a variety of special gift. On the other hand, the future is bleak lurk human child in an increasingly crowded planet.

According to the UN, to-7 billion baby will be born in a village in Uttar Pradesh, India. Of the 51 births every minute in India, 11 of them in Uttar Pradesh. As published by the Times of India, a number of organizations claiming that Pinky Pawar (25), villagers in the district Sunhaida Baghat will be the mother to the child's future mother-7 billion. While others, said the baby would be born in a village near Lucknow. A place has been prepared to welcome the birth of a baby girl baby-to-7 billion.


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