Mahakam bridge collapse (ambrol) | photo

Mahakam bridge collapse (runtuh)
OMG ... Mahakam Bridge (jembatan) in the City of Tenggarong, Kutai Kertanegara, collapsed at approximately 16:00 wib. In this incident an estimated 25 cars and 20 motorcycles that pass over it come splashed into the Mahakam River.

Since it was built and inaugurated in 1987, Mahakam Bridge construction declined due to the development of Samarinda which resulted in the number of vehicles (both from within and outside the city) that passes through the Mahakam Bridge because it is closer to the center of the city of Samarinda despite being built the bridge alternatives. Namely the Ulu Mahakam Bridge

Some people who plunged into the river Mahakam managed to escape. But most of the unaccounted for.


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