BlackBerry with OS BB10

Research In Motion (RIM) confirmed that the latest generation of BlackBerry phone line (BB) with OS BB10 will be present at the end of 2012.

As quoted from PocketLint, who previously demanded that RIM OS like QNX on the tablet Playbook can be present in the mobile BB. "We now hope that jajarang BB10 OS BB phones can be present on the market in late 2012," said Lazaridis, RIM's founders.

At the end of the period of this year, RIM has shipped 14.1 million phones BlackBerry and BlackBerry tablets 150 thousand units. RIM also announced that the BlackBerry Playbook with OS2.0 will be launched in February next year.

Many observers say that until the BB10 cell phone product line launched next year, BB7 phones are the only mainstay of RIM in the smartphone market competition


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