Josh Groban's face "slapped" by crocodile

Musician John Groban holiday to South Africa remains an unforgettable experience. When it is cool to play, Josh "slapped" a crocodile.

When visiting a nature reserve, the singer hits 'You Raise Me Up' was decided to be closer to crocodiles. He was carrying a crocodile is still small.

"I hold a baby alligator with a stupid smile on my face. I feel really manly arms. Their mouths taped with masking tape. And after we take pictures, its tail hit my face just to prove even though she was only five days, he could destroy me," said Josh told Female First, Friday (09/12/2011).

Despite this, Josh was very pleased. Josh safari vacation to the park after meggelar 4 concert in Africa.

"The sting will be difficult for me to forget," he explained


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