LEE HYORI topless photos

Lee Hyori
had planned to retreat from the entertainment world when the calendar sold 200 thousand copies. Now, the music diva topless action plan.

"If I could sell 20 thousand copies of the calendar, I'll take off my shirt like Jae Dong," said Hyori, Tuesday (12/27/2011).

"If the voices of voters (for the Mayor of Seoul) exceeds 50 percent, I will be topless in front of the stone on Mount Samgak Samo," she said.

Apparently, little voting turnout reached 50 percent, which is only 48.6 percent. Although less, however, Kim Jae Dong kept his promise, in the middle of the road he was topless. He also upload photos and tell it on Twitter.

As reported previously, the 2012 calendar featuring himself and Soonshim pets, and all proceeds will be donated to an organization that helps abandoned animals.


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