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Shocking news from Sandy Aulia, was married to David Herbowo.
The love relationship beautiful artist Sandy Aulia and David Herbowo that is not publicly known is quite short. Shandy which could break off the engagement to the son of the Great Menkokesra Laksono, looks do not want a protracted in grief by accepting the proposal of David, the son of the gold and coal businessman from Surabaya.

Shane was a dream finally complete to get married young. Although initially targeted at the age of Shane married 23 years, and now when stepping on the age of 24 years was ready mentally to become a wife also someday be a mother.

"To the level of a better and mature has been thought that because I am principled married once a lifetime even though many storms or trials," said Shandy. "That's why before I got married, I was sure I choose a partner who can accept him under any circumstances."

As a result, news of the secret marriage with David Herbowo Shandy Aulia which took place in a church in Nusa Dua, Bali, on Monday (12/12) and then, kept public attention. Since seemed sudden and covered up, movie star wedding Eiffel I'm in Love was called purposely held in Bali because they have not pocketed the blessing of both parents David.

Not only that, the news of Shane and David's wedding which was also attended by the people closest to reap disappointment at the heart Pack Effendy Yusuf Hussein, the father of Shane, who regretted not telling her daughter's wedding date.

The blessing ceremony was also attended by the three elder siblings and Else Dopong Shandy, Shandy's mother. When met at the airport who had just arrived in Jakarta, Tuesday (13/12), Else happy news to convey the truth youngest daughter Shandy Aulia have become the wife of the bloody Chinese businessman's son.


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