Dewi Perssik and Abi Palutturi married (menikah) | photo

Shocking news came from dangdut singer Dewi Persik and Abi Palutturi married. Dewi Perssik mentioned already married to a student from Makasar named Abi Palutturi recently.

The news circulated Dewi Perssik of marriage when a user's Twitter account @ Roy_Permana tell the love affair between Depe and Abi. "Depe and Abi was even dating a married siri at clarion hotel, hopefully these last couple Depe," wrote @ Roy_Permana on Monday (09/01/2012).

"Depe intimate photos and Abi was taken when the reception is complete, so Abi came home at 2:30 secretly.

Ex-wife's affair with Abi Saipul Jamil's beginning to look as they were making out on Twitter.


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