Video iklan Axe Luna maya, Marissa, Chantall, Uli

A famous brand of perfume ad featuring Luna Maya, Marissa Nasution, Della Chantall Auliani Conceta and Uli. Luna et al. appear tempting.

Ads that lasted 1 minute 47 seconds was just featured on Youtube's site featuring Luna, Marissa, and Uli Chantall with a seductive look. These four beautiful artist and Hoti was instrumental into a fairy with wings.

In the story of the ad, a guy (played Ocke) ketubuhnya spraying perfume when going to bed. Soon came an angel (played by Uli Auliani) wearing a white dress with wings.

The angel then went crawling on the body of the man and could smell the man's body. Uli facial expression is really tempting.

Then came other angels who are not less beautiful. This time it was Marissa Nasution who looks just like an angel with Uli. Marissa flirtatious Ocke head rubbed.

After Marissa, then the angel came to bring drinks Chantall. Chantall bring drinks like milk shakes, which of course was warmly welcomed Ocke. Chantall wearing a dress that is similar to Uli and Marissa, but the former television presenter was more daring, to accentuate the thighs and chest.

The third angel is fun to joke with each other at Ocke with a pillow. In the midst of the fun they were joking, then comes the angel Luna Maya. Whatever that meant, Luna took a sponge that is filled with soap. Like taking a bath, Luna flirtatious glances towards Ocke.

These ads did not seem to be aired on television. Given these scenes is quite bold. The new ads today can be seen via the internet on Youtube and watched enough


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