Photo, Mariah Carey's Tattoo on stomach

Photo, Mariah Carey Tattoo on stomach

Mariah Carey wants to share the joy that was felt related to the first pregnancy. Singer of Butterfly belly was showing off pictures of butterflies drawn.

Award Grammy winner was proudly displaying a picture that was heavily pregnant belly with pictures of butterflies.

On the morning of 27 March, which was Carey's birthday, he told followernya that the twins really wanted to celebrate his birthday.

"I might have fainted in the delivery room," said Cannon told followernya. "Or maybe I should say that women are great, because they are the strongest people while experiencing the most severe trial," he continued.

Mariah awaiting delivery. Age had already entered the womb in pregnancy.

"Mariah has been idle seek medical attention in order to prepare a contraction that will soon be experiencing," said the source.


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