PHOTOS, Noah's ship in Arafat

PhotosNoah's ship in Arafat. According to the book of origin, Noah's Ark rescue devastating floods, located on Mount Ararat in Turkey. Is it true that the ark was to be there?
Each year, many teams climbers who claim to find the ark. Even satellite searches done on the mountain.

The search is focused on the 'Ararat Anomaly'. Formation about the size of the ark on a mountain top was photographed Air Force United States (U.S.) in 1949. In fact, scientifically, the truth of the devastating flood was questionable.

There may be major flooding during a year when a man and his family were lucky to be in a big boat. But one thing science can not imagine an ark ended up in the top of Mount Ararat as high as 24.7 thousand meters.

Simply put, there is no enough water in the Earth reaches of Mount Ararat which is high, majestic, and are beyond the reach of the water. For those who believe in miracles and believe there is more water during the flood 40 days in six thousand years ago, it remains impossible Ararat anomaly is an ark.

Director of Boston University's Center for Remote Sensing Farouk El-Baz said, those people interpret the satellite imagery with biased views. "Until now, all the pictures I have ever seen can be interpreted as the landscape," he said.

Features interpreted as the 'Ararat Anomaly' is a ledge of rock in partial shadow that has snow and ice thickness varies.


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