WOW HOT PHOTOS, Sheila Marcia spread on internet

WOW HOT PHOTOS, Sheila Marcia spread on internet.
Amid the news of her engagement to drummer Kiki Canonball Mirano, outstanding photo looked like him with naughty poses in an online forum. Is this true Sheila, or just similar?

Sheila's attorney, Juan Ferry when contacted by telephone on Thursday (07/04/2011) provide confirmation. Ferry confirmed, the image is indeed a photo Sheila with her friends.

But, Ferry asked to not have to be exaggerated. "the past, do not have to tilt bob up and down again, we do not have to look for shortcomings in the past," he begged.

In one photo, Sheila posing with a man who was holding her hips from behind. Meanwhile, in another photo, the mother of one child seemed to pose with two girlfriends.

Gossip seems to always haunt Sheila skewed toward marriage to Kiki Mirano. The plan, Sheila and Kiki will hold a wedding on April 29, 2011 in Bali.


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