Angelina Sondakh and Mudjie Massaid dating (pacaran)

Angelina Sondakh and Mudjie Massaid dating
Angelina Sondakh now been able to appear alone in public. Yes, Angie and Mudjie look familiar as a guest star Powerful music events, by singing a song titled RCTI "Doa". So how exactly their relationship?

"The closeness we have time. Since we were in the Netherlands that, Sister Muji spend most time for me and Mas Adjie. Kak Mas Muji Adjie was mandated to be my brother and watch over me, Keanu, Zahwa and Aaliyah," said Angie

Puteri Indonesia 2001 is asserted, its proximity to Mudjie limited only to the closeness between brother and sister, not as many have discussed if they have formed a love. Brother-in-law and not just those who pay attention to him, even a large family of (late) Adjie was frequently visited Angelina Sondakh just providing moral support.

"Families are in the Netherlands it is always encouraging for us to come after Mas Adjie go. Dutch family that really wanted to take care of me. After Kak Mudjie home (the Netherlands), mama to come. So mama come home, there is an uncle who came to Indonesia, then Kak Mudjie will come again. And so on, "explained Angie.


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