OMG...A real fairy (peri) caught in Mexico | photo

A real little fairy caught in Guadalajara, Mexico. Thousands of people were willing to stand in long lines to see this mystical creature. According to the IANS news agency, a fairy is placed in bottles of formaldehyde in the home Jose Maldonado. Male unemployment is 22 years old who finds these mystical creatures in the living conditions.

"When he saw the elf, I'm picking guava. At first I thought it was a dragonfly. I picked it up and the creature was moving and when she saw him, turns out it was a fairy, "he said.

It remains unclear how the two-centimeter-sized elf in red and gold are dead. However, it is now the fairy spectacle of many people. Although it is difficult to believe the findings 'Tinkerbell' Maldonadi this, but more than three thousand visitors pay U.S. $ 1.60 (Rp13.700) to view it


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