Wow, Kate Middleton wearing a crown of Diana heritage

Wow, Kate Middleton wearing a crown of diana heritage
Kate Middleton is rumored to be wearing the royal crown current with diamond wedding with Prince William, 29 April 2011 tomorrow.

Known, the late Princess Diana to give to their children with diamond crown as a gift on their wedding day. This is a royal tradition.

Prince William and Prince Harry has been an absolute gem inherit their mother. She can choose to wear one of those Diana's tiara crown.

Crown Princess Diana's favorite tiara is pearldrop tiara. Pearls are young and fresh and has a good association for the bride. Thus was launched by the Telegraph, Tuesday (04/26/2011).

Kate is also possible to wear some earrings, but with a rather simple design.

Looking ahead, she should start getting used to train themselves in using the heritage of the diamond crown. The crown was passed on for generations, far longer than any outfit.


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